Furr Gatling Guns

I’ve always been interested in Gatling guns. I remember reading about them in a book on the history of Colt Firearms as a kid. When I first learned about the scale Furr Gatling Guns I started looking for one. FJ Vollmer had an offer price listed for them, and that put me out of the market at the time. Articles would appear in Machine Gun News or Small Arms Review about them. I was loaned a 1/3 scale 1874 Carriage Gun at one point. I’ve since acquired both a 1/3 scale 1874 Camel Gun and a 1/3 scale 1874 Carriage Gun. I’ve bookmarked every one that I’ve seen for sale, and hope to get those links both posted and archived here shortly.

In cleaning my desk, I just stumbled upon the manual for my 1874. So I scanned it for posterity. INSTRUCTIONS FOR 1874 MODEL