Paypal Sucks

I will never utilize PayPal for any purchase type. I disputed a purchase because the seller sent me a tracking number and it showed delivery prior to me making the purchase. They sent another tracking number, but I still didn’t receive anything. The sellers website disappeared, so I started researching and all kinds of scam notices. The dispute center closed the dispute because the seller provided tracking information. Once you submit information in a dispute, they provide no method to provide additional information. If you submit information via the process they provide after opening, it sends you an email on how to provide it via the website which tells you to email an address sort of a going in a circle aren’t we. So I closed my paypal account. I recommend to everyone to close your account and never utilize them again. Stores utilizing Paypal will not get my business unfortunately, though I don’t see this as an issue anyway. My credit card company immediately refunds my money, when I dispute anything.

Furr Gatling Guns

I’ve always been interested in Gatling guns. I remember reading about them in a book on the history of Colt Firearms as a kid. When I first learned about the scale Furr Gatling Guns I started looking for one. FJ Vollmer had an offer price listed for them, and that put me out of the market at the time. Articles would appear in Machine Gun News or Small Arms Review about them. I was loaned a 1/3 scale 1874 Carriage Gun at one point. I’ve since acquired both a 1/3 scale 1876 Camel Gun and a 1/3 scale 1874 Carriage Gun. I’ve bookmarked every one that I’ve seen for sale, and hope to get those links both posted and archived here shortly.

In cleaning my desk, I just stumbled upon the manual for my 1874. So I scanned it for posterity. INSTRUCTIONS FOR 1874 MODEL


So I’ve had IPv6 connectivity since September 2007 from my house, initially thanks to SixXS.

I last reached out to one of my Service Providers just weeks before SixXS ended service. They continue to not support IPv6, nor have a schedule for supporting IPv6. My other provider has started supporting IPv6 for their home users, but on the business side it would appear to be a bit more difficult to gain connectivity with IPv6. Which reminds me I need to call them again, since their online support tools don’t support business customers. I finally got IPv6 address space on my business connection, unfortunately they hand off a /56 via DHCP-PD but don’t route it. I can toss IPv6 packets at them, but see neighbor solicitations coming back instead of them routing the traffic back to me.

Hopefully you can see that I continue to have IPv6 connectivity. This connectivity was published from AS16881 via the LISP-Beta Network. The LISP-Beta Network officially stopped existence in early 2020, but continued to run until October. Finally was able to find Internet Transport service when someone nearby had fiber run to their business, and was able to get the same provider to deliver fiber to me at a reasonable cost, moving from their Business service to Enterprise service.


IPv6 Certification Badge for dprall

Serbu Super Shorty

It has been almost 20 years, or at least, according to this article by Jeff Zimba. The Serbu Super Shorty

As a close friend of Mark Serbu I asked him at a Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot to make me the shortest possible AOW, Any Other Weapon in BATF Jargon. The oldest emails I have about this are from August 1997, so it must have been the April shoot that year. The original prototype was built on a Maverick 88, had the spring loaded folding grip, but the action bars would bind, per Mark it required a little English. Mark promised to get me another with improvements, number 300 was a Mossberg 500 that functioned flawlessly. I mention the number 300, because he promised number 100 would be mine if he ever reached that many. As well I have a Remington 870 based one, and a Holster.

Now we have a myriad of copies out there. Mossberg has even started to sell the Compact Cruiser AOW. Then we have the Typhoon 12 with a 5-round box magazine.

Serbu Firearms

Jeff Zimba