Paypal Sucks

I will never utilize PayPal for any purchase type. I disputed a purchase because the seller sent me a tracking number and it showed delivery prior to me making the purchase. They sent another tracking number, but I still didn’t receive anything. The sellers website disappeared, so I started researching and all kinds of scam notices. The dispute center closed the dispute because the seller provided tracking information. Once you submit information in a dispute, they provide no method to provide additional information. If you submit information via the process they provide after opening, it sends you an email on how to provide it via the website which tells you to email an address sort of a going in a circle aren’t we. So I closed my paypal account. I recommend to everyone to close your account and never utilize them again. Stores utilizing Paypal will not get my business unfortunately, though I don’t see this as an issue anyway. My credit card company immediately refunds my money, when I dispute anything.

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