Apple Family Sucks for Large Families

We have 6 kids, we are a family of 8. The Apple Family plan is limited to 6 members. This means that we have to leave 2 family members out. Or share a single login across 3 devices, which wasn’t so bad early on, but as more features become user centric has become a nightmare. I want to add my youngest son to our Apple Card so he can start building credit, but he isn’t part of our family according to Apple so he can’t have a credit card of his own.

This is a recurring issue on Apple Discussions.
What if your family is larger than 6?

Why can’t they let larger families validate additions beyond 6 in some fashion? I already pay them monthly for various services, and would most likely pay more if all of us could be included. We have 10 iPhones in our house, multiple Watches, multiple Macs, but left with 2 family members who aren’t considered part of the family and have to jump through hoops to use iMessage and Facetime on their phones.

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